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Sony Aims for the Esports Crowd as It Wants to Become the ‘Nike of Gaming Gear’


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Everyone knows Sony has expanded its gaming division beyond just the console realm. We could talk about how they have been pushing games to the PC platform more aggressively than ever before. However, the real focus will be placed on a more IRL aspect. Recently, a Sony executive has stated that the company is aiming to become the Nike of gaming gear.

While some people might chuckle, some of our avid readers might have probably noticed this shift already. The company has become more aggressive with its assistance of the eSports crowds. We have the company acquiring one of the most significant fighting game events of all time (EVO). We also have the recently announced InZone lineup, which includes peripherals for hardcore PC players, including monitors and headsets.

According to executive deputy President Kazuo Kii (who spoke in an interview with Nikkei), this is only the beginning for Sony. The exec talked about Sony's advantage in the TV industry and even dropped the bombshell that the hardware they are trying to push onto the market is going to be geared to PC players, not PlayStation users:

Many existing producers trace their origins to PC manufacturing. Because monitors are designed to display data, there are problems to overcome with vibrancy and contrast. Sony is unique in that we come from a background in TV manufacturing. We take pride in our picture technology. We look forward to showing customers our immersive experience and realism.

Kazuo also stated that Sony would focus on what top esports gamers want. The company's vision is that they wish to become a gaming gear company on par with high-end gear producers such as Nike and Mizuno.

The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike providing shoes for athletes. You can win prize money in esports. If a monitor’s response time lags even slightly, you lose. Sony products aren’t going to let people engaged in these grueling battles down.

Will they succeed in this venture? Nobody knows. Sony certainly has a lot of competition ahead, considering that many gaming hardware manufacturers try to deliver the best experience for players. While Kazuo's words ring true with the eSports scene, it also takes much more than just promises of performance enhancements to be ahead of the curve.

Whatever the result might be. It'll be interesting to see what Sony offers inside the hardware space.

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