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Futuristic RPG Mato Anomalies Launches Next Year on PC and Consoles


Mato Anomalies

A brand new futuristic RPG called Mato Anomalies has been announced today for PC and consoles with a 2023 worldwide release date.

Developed by Arrowiz and published by Prime Matter, the upcoming role-playing game will see players take on the role of detective Doe as he investigates the secrets behind the invasion of the sprawling metropolis of Mato by supernatural creatures.

While investigations will be a big part of Mato Anomalies, the game won't just be a simple investigation RPG, as players will have to fight enemies in intense turn-based battles, explore dungeons, and much more.

You can find the Mato Anomalies announcement trailer, first screenshots and a list of its key features below.


Key Features

  • Anomalies – Find clues throughout Mato by talking to NPCs, taking on missions and visiting shops to pinpoint Rifts, portals to the demonic creatures attacking the city. Enter at your peril and defeat them in battle and collect abundant rewards.
  • Dual Worlds – Traverse across Mato, a neo-futuristic version of Old Shanghai. Beneath its surface lies another world. Discover Rifts which act as portals into a place beyond space and time, filled with powerful enemies.
  • Corrupt or Corrupted – Insidious factions are somehow involved in the dark fate befalling Mato. Can our heroes find out what’s going on? Or will they themselves fall victim to despair and corruption?
  • Band of Misfits – The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Difficult circumstances make for unlikely friendships. Find new allies during your investigations and gain their trust through conversation and shared experiences.
  • Smart Combat – Mato Anomalies provides a unique and challenging battle experience highlighted by shared health across all team members, gear matrix and dual-talent system. A unique combat strategy will be needed if you want to succeed!

Mato Anomalies launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

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