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Hunt: Showdown Update 1.9 Adds New Playable Area, Removes Leaderboards


Hunt: Showdown

Crytek announced the release of update 1.9 for Hunt: Showdown (which is getting a live-action adaptation, in case you missed the news) on all platforms. The patch includes a new playable area and several Quality of Life improvements.

Kingsnake Mine Tunnels

A new mine area in the Kingsnake Mine compound provides players with new tactical options. The tunnels provide access to and from the compound's lower regions, a requested feature from the community. Players must balance risk with reward as the tunnels offer new ways to traverse the compound and, in an emergency, quick escape routes. But the tunnels also provide cover for Hunters to set up an ambush…

Bug Fixes, Ping Limit System, and Server Update

Update 1.9 includes bug fixes reported by the community and internal teams to improve the Hunt: Showdown experience. Server crashes have been fixed, and other server issues have also been addressed to improve the online experience. A new ping limit system/region lock has also been introduced for joining games. This will create a fairer gameplay experience while ensuring that players from regions where Hunt does not currently have servers can get the best out of the game. Solo players can only play on the most appropriate servers available for their connection. If solo players wish to play on another server location, they must be invited by a friend.

However, the developers of Hunt: Showdown have also decided to temporarily remove the game's leaderboards as revealed on the Steam forums.

Leaderboards are an important feature of Hunt: Showdown, however, we feel that the current version is not in line with the original vision we have for recognizing the best of the best Hunters. This is in part due to past issues with exploits and the focus on KD over quality solo and team play.

Based on several factors, including feedback we have received from the community; we feel that now is the best time to deactivate this feature while we work on a better solution.

We do not have a timeframe on when a new version of the leaderboards will be added back to Hunt, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated when that time comes.

Please note, all information that is currently tracked will still be tracked and be visible on your profile.

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