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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat Lunagaron


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron guide

Lunagaron is a new beast introduced in the Sunbreak expansion and the second of the Three Lords of the game. The monster is extremely fast and agile, able to perform several consecutive attacks, and can also inflict Iceblight. It is a tough enemy to deal with, and it might require more than one try before you defeat or capture it. However, once you win the fight, you will get great rewards.

Here’s how you can defeat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its weaknesses, and tips for winning the fight.

Lunagaron: Characteristics

Lunagaron is a Fanged Wyvern with a threat level of 7 stars out of 10. It can be found in the Shrine Ruins, the Frost Islands, the Citadel, and the Jungle. This monster usually walks on all fours, and it is speedy and agile in its standard pose, but it can also stand on two legs and attack you with its claws while moving. Lunagaron relies on ice attacks and can inflict Iceblight.

The beast behaves differently during the fight, depending on its mood. You can recognize that by looking at its body (covered in ice or not) and its pose (standing on all fours or just on two legs). When in its standard mode, Lunagaron walks on all fours, and no ice comes out of its body. The majority of its attack won’t inflict you Iceblight. When you see ice covering its limbs and tail, you need to start paying more attention to the monster’s moves, as it will inflict Iceblight more often. When its whole body is covered by ice and the beast stands on two legs, it will deal the most damage and inflict blight with most of its attacks.

Lunagaron: Weaknesses

The monster is weak to Fire and Thunder. If you have a good weapon that deals fire or thunder elemental damage, equip it before starting the quest. Otherwise, pick the one with the highest raw damage. You can also benefit from decent armor resistant to Ice attacks.

Lunagaron’s head is the most vulnerable to attacks, followed by the abdomen and the foreleg. While the monster is enraged, focus on the areas of its body covered by ice, so you break them and make the beast return to its normal status.

How to Beat Lunagaron

Lunagaron mainly attacks forward, so if you are quick enough to predict and dodge its offensive, you can evade it by rolling sideways. In most cases, Wirebugs are your best chance to save yourself, as this monster is extremely fast. Beware of Iceblight because it dramatically affects the Wirebug gauge regeneration by slowing it down. In other words, you won’t be able to perform that many Silkbind moves or use your Wirebugs to move and escape faster from the enemy. You can cure this blight by using a Nulberry, so make sure you have enough of them before starting the quest.

Try to attack the monster from both sides, and avoid facing it vis-a-vis. This way, you will be less likely to get caught by its powerful attacks. If you aim at its icy parts, you will deal more damage to the beast, eventually toppling it for a few seconds and making it return to its standard mode. Once you beat or capture Lunagaron, you will get great rewards to craft new equipment.

If you need some tips on defeating the first of the Three Lords, Garangolm, you can find our guide here.

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