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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat Astalos


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Astalos Flying Wyvern

Astalos is a returning monster in the Sunbreak expansion. The beast made its first debut in Monster Hunter Generations, and many players still remember it clearly. It is indeed a formidable enemy to deal with, as its attacks are charged with electricity, and it gets even stronger when enraged. However, the beast gives you great rewards once you defeat or capture it.

This guide will show how to beat Astalos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its weaknesses, and tips for winning the fight.

Astalos: Characteristics

Astalos is a Flying Wyvern with a threat level of 7 stars out of 10. Its body can generate and store electricity, using it to shoot the hunters with high-voltage attacks from its head, wings, and tail. The more it charges, the more it becomes faster, more aggressive, and dangerous. You can find this beast in the Shrine Ruins, the Flooded Forest, and the Jungle.

Astalos relies on many long-range attacks so that it can hit you from a distance. It is able to generate a lighting beam from its tail or head, potentially catching you even if you are far from the beast. Melee offensives are rare, so if you focus on the electrified parts of its body, you can have a chance to predict the next attacks.

Astalos: Weaknesses

Astalos’ crests on its head are the weakest part of its body, followed by its neck and tail. You should focus on hitting them so that you can deal the most damage to the monster. Moreover, when this beast is fully charged and enraged, targeting them plus the wings helps dispel the electricity and bring Astalos back to its normal status. For better protection, you can wear Thunder-resistant armor before starting the quest.

When dealing with this monster, you should better study its moves first and keep a certain distance. This way, you will be able to know how and when it shoots its electrified attacks, learning how to dodge them accordingly. However, it is still a speedy monster, so you only have a few chances of successfully evading its offensives. Moreover, Astalos is weak to Ice attacks, so you can bring an Ice weapon with you.

How to Beat Astalos

When Astalos is fully charged, it becomes even more powerful and attacks faster. You will recognize this status by looking at its wings, tail, and head. If they are glowing mainly in yellow and green, you should start worrying. Hit these parts to bring the monster back to normal, but be aware that you can also get damaged by them.

If you use a Shock Trap on this beast, you will probably stun it but also charge it. Try to use a Pitfall Trap instead, and if you need that, you can also rely on a Tranq Bomb first. Be aware that the Flying Wyvern also inflicts Thunderblight, making you more susceptible to being stunned. You can cure this effect with a Nulberry or repeatedly evade to make it run out faster. Alternatively, you can also wait until Thunderblight stops on its own.

You can aim at its tail and try to cut it so Astalos won’t be able to use it anymore for charged attacks. Moreover, you will get a specific drop from this body part. Once you defeat or capture it, you will likely be able to collect other dropped material that can be used to craft new equipment.

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