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Buy Genuine Office and Windows Licenses From $6.14 with Keysfan’s Software Sale!


Note: All these keys are legal versions. The low price of these keys is due to the fact that they are usually sold with a PC. This resale practice has been legalized by the European Court of Justice.

If you are still using Windows 8.1 or earlier, you should consider purchasing a device that supports Windows 10 or Windows 11. The reason why you cannot upgrade is because the Windows 8.1 system was designed in 2010 and is completely different from the current system architecture. Users can choose to buy new computer equipment or buy new Windows OS.

Are you looking to assemble a new computer and tired of searching every online store for the lowest-priced Windows OS or Office suite? And there is a risk of buying pirated copies. There will be many problems in the operation of your computer, the system will not work, important file data will be lost, and the file format will be incompatible, which will cause your computer to have a virus and not work properly. With Keysfan, you can completely avoid the risk of using pirated copies because Keysfan knows exactly the "history" of each license and checks each license before selling it, making sure they are available and safe. No stores, no middlemen, no physical media support lower costs, and regular legitimate software keys at the most affordable prices.

Keysfan's Software Sale brings you great deals! At Keysfan you can get a genuine and cheap Windows 10 Pro for only $7.43! There's also a free upgrade to Windows 11, and Keysfan has a huge deal on 5keys combos from as low as $6.14!

Special Price: Genuine Windows OS

Buying an official Microsoft Office license from the Microsoft website is very expensive, but in Keysfan's Software Sale, the latest Office 2021 is only $27.36! If you need to install Office 2021 on multiple computers, the cost-effective 5PCs combination is more cost-effective, each as low as $14.13!

Genuine Office 2021 as low as $14.13/PC!

 More Versions: 62% off on Office and bundles (Coupon code: SKF62)

 50% OFF on More Windows Version (With Coupon Code: SKF50)

Keysfan also offers a wide selection of computer tools software, including high-end games, security antivirus software, video editing software, and a variety of other applications and programs. You can benefit from incredible pocket-friendly deals on famous software they offer like Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 or IObit Driver Booster 9 Pro.

Practical Computer Tool Software

Keysfan is an online store that sells keys for computer operating systems, office software and gaming software to the global market. We have been serving for several years. We always maintain the concept of customer first and bring the best products and services to our customers. In order to improve the user experience, Keysfan's shopping process is simple and easy to operate. After checkout, the software activation code and detailed installation instructions will be sent to your mailbox within a few minutes. And in the process of installation and use, users can contact the Keysfan professional customer service team at any time if they have any questions, which is online 24/7 (contact email: Support@Keysfan.com). If you want to know more about Keysfan, you can not only enter our website through the above link, but also check the real reviews of more users in Trustpilot.

Simple Online Order Process With Secure Online Payments

Ordering with Keysfan cannot be easier and simpler. Simply select your choice of license key, make the purchase and within 24 hours, you will receive your purchased license key in your email that is guaranteed to work. Keysfan is a name you can trust so don’t wait to order, make your purchase today.

Need Help?

Keysfan.com brings you a safe and economical path to give your new PC builds genuine software and upgrade your PCs stuck on older, discontinued versions of Windows. In case you have any questions, their Customer Service will provide you with the fast and extensive support you need. just send them an e-mail to the following address: Support@Keysfan.com

For more information, you can not only enter Keysfan's website through the above link, but also learn more about Keysfan's evaluation by users at Trustpilot!

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