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Resident Evil 4 HD Project V1.1 Packs Hundreds of Graphical Edits and More


Resident Evil 4 HD Project

A new version of Resident Evil 4 HD Project has been released today, introducing many changes and improvements.

Version 1.1, which can be downloaded right now from the project's official website, packs hundreds of graphical edits based on user feedback, such as texture and character model changes and more. The new version also introduces a remastered press any button, options, and controls text in the title screen and more.

Catch the full Resident Evil 4 HD Project V1.1 release notes below.

  • Hundreds of graphical edits based on people’s feedback. (textures, stage and character models, items, weapons, UI)
  • Dozens of other graphical edits spot on the fly.
  • Remastered “press any button” “how to play” “options” and “controls” UI text in the title screen for all languages.
  • Titles screen UI font replaced to match the original font.
  • Remastered “How to play”, “Controls” and Xbox control settings UI textures for all languages.
  • Some corrections on Spanish subtitles.
  • Inclusion of latest re4_tweaks ( by nipkow and emoose.
    • English Subtitles during all cutscenes.
    • Check all the latest re4_tweaks features HERE.

More information on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project can be found on its official website:

  • This is not a remake, it’s a remaster created by fans, for fans.
  • The “resident evil 4 HD project” is a complete graphical remaster of the entire game. It includes enhanced textures, 3D models, menus, cutscenes, prerendered videos, lighting, visual effects, and more.
  • The HD project also fixes certain sound bugs and broken / missing effects, which arose mainly as a consequence of the many times the game has been ported through the years.
  • This package doesn’t include the entire game, only the files to upgrade the game.
  • You need to have an installed copy of the resident evil 4 PC port, released on Steam.
  • The HD project is compatible with all languages, including the Japanese version. It’s tested for version 1.0.6 & 1.1.0
  • Some mods are not compatible with this project. Please ask the modders who created your favorite mods to adapt them to the HD project if needed.
  • This HD pack won’t affect achievements or game saves.
  • BRIGHTNESS (in game Options) should be set to the MAX in order to get the best visuals.

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