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Colorfire Unveils GeForce RTX 40 “MEOW” Lineup Intended For Cat Enthusiasts


Colorfire Unveils GeForce RTX 40 "MEOW" Lineup Intended For Cat Enthusiasts

Colorfire, a subsidiary of Colorful, has released its brand-new RTX-40 "MEOW" GPUs lineup. The product has been designed with cat lovers in mind and has taken inspiration from the animal itself.

Colorfire's New "MEOW" Lineup Intended to Please Cat-Lovers Through A Fancy Color Scheme

In terms of design, the GPU has a triple fan configuration with a white and beige color scheme. One great thing about the GPU is that it doesn't promote the "Cat" idea to an overdone extent. There is only a cat sticker on the GPU's fan and tiny paws placed randomly over the backplate and the GPU itself. Unlike MAXSUN's Geforce RTX 4080 iCraft, which is covered with anime characters, "MEOW" GPUs cater to a broad audience interested in the general color scheme.

In addition, Colorful has explained what inspired them to design this lineup. They have formulated a whole story behind it, which is interesting to read. Here is a look at it below:

Humans living in Cyber ​​City built the cosmic probe “Advanced” to search for habitable planets outside the earth. The warm environment inside the probe attracted stray cats and dogs to settle in, so the probe accidentally flew towards distant universe.

One of the orange cats touched the ” evolution gun ” by mistake, and the laser shot all the cats and dogs, making them evolve into intelligent creatures. The probe successfully arrived at a planet with an environment similar to that of the earth, but the probe may be damaged due to improper landing. So they established civilization on this barren planet. With the help of evolution guns, they have also helped many local animals to complete their evolution. Hundreds of years later, their science and technology developed to the level of human beings at the beginning of the 21st century.

Start the Return to Earth Program

The orange cat became the leader of the United Nations of Animals, but it still cares about its hometown of the earth. It learned from the information left by human beings that the earth was a blue and beautiful planet before the environment was destroyed. It has infinite expectations for returning to the earth. Helpless limited technology level can not realize the dream. Many years later, after reading related materials on the earth, its descendants also yearned for it and decided to return to their homeland.

-Colorful (Translated Version)

Well with every GPU, having RGB options has become a necessity. With that in mind, Colorfire has also included RGB lighten logo on the side of the graphics card with paw imprints to match the idea. Consumers can use the iGame Center software to adjust various lighting effects and customize the color and mode of the light.

The graphics card comes with 90+80+90mm fans with a 331mm long cooler for optimal heat dissipation. The backplate is minimal, with concentric designs and standard Colorfire branding. Remember that it has no performance improvements and is similar to any other variant since it uses reference clocks.


Colorfire has released the RTX 4070 and the RTX 4060 Ti in the "MEOW" lineup—the GPUs retail at 4799 RMB and 3199 RMB, respectively, at several Chinese retail websites.

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