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New Diablo 4 PC Patch 1.0.2c Addresses NVMe SSD Freezes and Crashing Issues


Diablo 4 pc patch 1.0.2c

Blizzard has rolled out Diablo 4 PC patch 1.0.2c, which addresses some of the reported issues by the community.

After the Diablo 4 release client's release some days ago (including some 'unofficial' talent and class adjustments), Blizzard deployed a hotfix containing balance tweaks yesterday. Overnight, the game's development team deployed another PC-specific patch containing fixes for NVMe SSD freezes during the game's start-up. In addition, this new PC update aims to address various crashing issues. Further details about which crashes should have been fixed are absent in the patch notes, but hopefully, this new patch fixes some of the reported crashes for those on PC who can already play the game through early access.

You can find the official release notes for this minor update here (as released by Blizzard).

Diablo 4, or Diablo IV as Blizzard officially names the game, launches globally on June 6 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Those who pre-ordered the digital deluxe or Ultimate Edition can already play the highly-anticipated sequel to 2012's Diablo 3. The game is set 50 years after the events of the Diablo 3 expansion, The Reaper of Souls. Here's what our very own Alessio Palumbo wrote about Blizzard's latest title in his launch review:

"With that caveat in mind, the narrative woven by Blizzard is more intricate and more interesting than in previous Diablo games", he wrote last week. "Most importantly, the main characters and their personalities are slightly more complex, which is always a net positive in my book. Ultimately, it's their story rather than the player character's, who's really there to support them rather than the other way around, at least from a narrative standpoint. Whether you enjoy that or not may be heavily subjective."

He added, "Having said that, Diablo IV is nonetheless unlikely to appear in any Best Narrative awards at the end of 2023. Blizzard clearly opted to stick very closely to the hack and slash rulebook with this game, and this genre was never about delivering industry-leading cinematic experiences.

The developers could have perhaps done more with the narrative told in side quests, too. I can only remember a single meaningful chain of side quests, whereas most of those I completed didn't offer any memorable characters or events. Again, hack and slash games aren't exactly known for the remarkable stories of their side content, but that doesn't mean Blizzard couldn't have put more effort into this part of the game."

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