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NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, Says Next-Gen GPU Will Be Made By TSMC


NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, Says Next-Gen GPU Will Be Made By TSMC 1

NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, revealed during a Q&A at Computex that his company's next-gen GPUs will be made at TSMC.

NVIDIA Next-Gen GPUs To Made At TSMC But Open To Build Chips At Other Fabs Too

Reuters reports that during his Q&A session this Thursday in Taipei, CEO Jensen Huang told the press that he feels safe by relying heavily on TSMC and that his next-gen chips will be made at Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This announcement comes at a time when Taiwan is at risk of a possible military threat from China.

Currently, all of NVIDIA's GPUs are fabricated on TSMC's bleeding-edge process nodes and that is expected to continue in the future. At Computex 2023, NVIDIA unveiled its GPU roadmap which showed that the Hopper-Next chips will be arriving in 2024 and rumors have it that it will use the 3nm process node though nothing is set in stone yet. The codename for the next-gen GPUs is also expected to be Blackwell.

The architecture is named after David Harold Blackwell (April 24, 1919 – July 8, 2010), an American statistician and mathematician who made significant contributions to the game theory, probability theory, information theory, and statistics.

Chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), makes chips designed by Nvidia and Huang said his company's next generation of products would also be made by TSMC, while adding Nvidia would continue to diversify.

"When I was here, in all of our supply chain discussions, we feel perfectly safe," Huang told reporters on the sidelines of a technology event in Taipei, when asked about the political risk of the world relying so much on Taiwan for chips given the China tensions.

"The process of diversifying in different geographies is an excellent strategy by TSMC and so TSMC is now part of Nvidia's diversity and redundancy strategy."

via Reuters

But NVIDIA is also open to building its chips at other fabs if there will be supply constraints in the industry. The company already works with Samsung and also recently hinted at using Intel fabs. In the same Q&A session, Jensen pointed out that they have received the first chip results of Intel's next-generation process and the results look very good.

So NVIDIA is really following the diversity strategy mentioned by its CEO. Since the next-gen process node was mentioned, it is likely that we won't see an NVIDIA GPU fabbed on an Intel process for quite some time but the possibility remains. Intel has also said that it is open to working with AMD and NVIDIA & would love to see Intel's fabs being used to manufacture GPUs and CPUs from its competitors.

As of a week ago, NVIDIA is now part of the Trillion dollar club thanks to the AI push which has propelled the company to new heights. However, despite the massive data center & AI growth, Jensen Huang reassured gamers that they aren't forgotten and they are still a major backbone of their business moving forward.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba

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