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Pragmata Resurfaces with Promising New Gameplay, but No Hint of a Release Date



Back in 2020 Capcom captured fans’ imaginations with the reveal of Pragmata, a promising-looking original sci-fi project coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. At the time, very few third-party games were committing to being next-gen-exclusive, so a lot of hopes got pinned on the game. Unfortunately, we’ve seen or heard very little from the game since, leading many to expect Pragmata may be vaporware ala past ambitious Capcom projects like Deep Down.

Well, today during the Capcom Showcase, we got some good news and some bad news. On the good news front, Pragmata is still in development, and what appears to be snippets of actual gameplay were revealed. In a new trailer we’re treated to several shots of the game’s space marine/astronaut protagonist making his way through various sleek sci-fit environments and fighting cyborg enemies with melee weapons. Interestingly, the game’s little girl character Diana clutches to the protagonist’s back the entire time, and the end of the trailer hints she may have some sort of powers of her own. Check it out for yourself, below.

Unfortunately, while we finally got a peek at Pragmata in action, any hope of a release this year is right out the window. Prior to the gameplay, we see Diana drop a note with 2022 and 2023 crossed out, followed by a question mark. Capcom also released this statement…

“To all our expectant fans, it is with a heavy heart that we must further postpone the release of Pragmata. Our team is currently hard at work making the best game that we possibly can, but we need more time.  We will continue to do our best to ensure that the final product is one that is worthy of your patience. Thank you for your continued support.”

Pragmata is coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. What do you think? Are you still excited for the game or have other current-gen projects surpassed it in your mind? Personally, I’m always up for a new IP from a big, proven publisher like Capcom, and the new gameplay snippets we saw today seemed promising. That said, the numerous delays are cause for concern. We’ll have to wait and see how things shape up.

Written by Nathan Birch

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