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Xbox Game Studios Head Teases Another Possible Xbox Showcase For Later This Year


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Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has teased the possibility of Microsoft planning another Xbox showcase for later this year, while also saying that games that weren't shown yesterday, aren't necessarily years away.

Following yesterday's Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Matt Booty sat down with Giantbomb. The duo was asked about Xbox first-party titles that didn't make an appearance at yesterday's event, after which Booty said that there are more upcoming events during which these titles can be shown. "I wouldn't read anything into what's not here", the Xbox Game Studios head said (via Tom Warren). "Remember we've got Gamescom, we've got The Game Awards, we've likely maybe another earlier in the year. There are other beats for us to show stuff."

Interestingly, yesterday Booty also said that he thinks that Microsoft has "turned the corner" on game releases, and teased that there are games coming next year that haven't been announced. The wording from Booty was a bit vague on this part, and he could be referring to 2025 instead of 2024. Another interesting tidbit from the Giantbomb interview is that Booty also briefly touched on The Initiative's games (likely Perfect Dark) and State of Decay 3.

"As I look ahead for 2024, everything that we're gonna ship, I've seen builds off very recently or played them", Booty teased. He continued, "Even if we get into 2025, we've seen builds of games of The Initiative. I know, because they are down in Seattle, what's going on with State of Decay 3. We've seen these things so as I look ahead to the next 18 months in terms of what we are going to be able to show and deliver and do that kind of gameplay, I am cautiously confident."

As covered earlier today, Phil Spencer also touched on the subject of Starfield running at 30FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S.

We've included the full interview with Phil Spencer and Matt Booty below.

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