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Watch The AMD Data Center & AI Technology Premiere Even Live Here, Next-Gen CPUs, GPUs & APUs


Watch The AMD Data Center & AI Technology Premiere Even Live Here, Next-Gen CPUs, GPUs & APUs 1

Today, AMD unveils its next-generation server products as part of the Data Center & AI technology premiere event.

Live Today! AMD To Unveil Next-Gen Data Center & AI Technologies To Accelerate HPC

AMD hasn't particularly announced what product lineups they will present at the event but the main discussion will be surrounding data center and AI products. We know that AMD is going to launch its next-gen Bergamo, Genoa-X, and Siena products later this quarter and besides that, a glimpse of the future might also be presented.

AMD will also be talking about its Instinct MI300 accelerators which the company has said will lead the charge of its AI strategy.AMD recently also made AI its No.1 strategic priority after seeing the success of NVIDIA in the same segment though both Intel and AMD have a lot of catching up to do if they have to match or even come close to NVIDIA in the AI segment. The Instinct APUs will be the first multi-die chiplet solution when it launches and will be competing against NVIDIA's Hopper and Intel's Ponte Vecchio chips.

We are definitely excited to see what AMD has to offer for the data center market and we can also expect an updated roadmap that includes Zen 5 and Zen 6 products which are expected in 2024 & 2026, respectively. The next-gen EPYC Turin lineup will feature Zen 5 "Nirvana" cores & is expected to launch in the coming year too while the generation after that is expected to be called Venice and will utilize the Zen 6 "Morpheus" cores. We might just get a glimpse of these new chips at the event and expect a multitude of other key announcements too.

See the following press release to make sure that you save the date for the event:

Press Release: Today, AMD announced the “AMD Data Center and AI Technology Premiere,” an in-person and livestreamed event to showcase the company’s growth strategy and expanding product portfolio and capabilities for data center and AI. AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be joined by other AMD executives and key customers to detail new products, and momentum across data center, AI, adaptive, and high-performance computing solutions.

The live stream will start at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, June 13 at www.amd.com/datacenter as well as the YouTube channel.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba

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