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Apple Vision Pro Battery Capacity Said To Be Equivalent To An External Powerbank, But Runtime Does Not Match Current Figures


Apple Vision Pro

One area of the Apple Vision Pro that will receive continuous flak is the abysmal battery life. Irrespective of the technological marvel that Apple showcased during its WWDC 2023, the 2-hour runtime cannot be ignored or overlooked. What is interesting is that the battery puck is estimated to be the size of a decent powerbank, but looking at the endurance run of the AR headset, we find that hard to believe.

New estimates claim that the Apple Vision Pro battery puck has a 20,000mAh capacity

Looking at the press images, the battery puck attached to the Apple Vision Pro is rather small, and according to an earlier rumor, the capacity was said to be 6,500mAh. This figure would make us believe why the headset has just a 2-hour battery life, but according to ChargerLab, the capacity is estimated to be more than three times higher, at 20,000mAh.

“The Apple Vision Pro provides approximately 2 hours of battery life. Based on its size, the internal battery capacity is estimated to be within 20,000mAh (74Wh), resulting in an overall power consumption of around 30W.”

The power consumption of the Apple Vision Pro is estimated to be 30W, and while one would assume that this is an overinflated number, we should remind our readers that the AR headset features not one but two chipsets running underneath the hood; the M2 and the R1. Based on previous findings through multiple sources, the R1 is just a renamed M2 and will have a different set of responsibilities when running alongside the M2.

Regardless if the chipsets are mass produced on TSMC’s 5nm process, both running in unison can enable a 30W power draw. Digging deeper, we found that the M2 alone can sip up to 20W of power when it is heavily stressed. This may be one reason why Apple decided to keep the battery separate from the headset through a connected cable since the generated heat could have reduced the life span of the cells, leading to a shortened capacity in a few months.

We feel that the 20,000mAh battery capacity might be an incorrect estimation, but we can only provide an update when the Apple Vision Pro has officially been released, which will not happen before 2024. If we are lucky, someone will have spent some valuable and ample time with the head-mounted wearable, and only then can we publish additional data, so stay tuned.

Written by Omar Sohail

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