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Forza Motorsport Is a ‘CarPG’, Says Turn 10; Career Mode Shown, Cars and Tracks Listed


Forza Motorsport

Yesterday, during Forza Monthly, Turn 10 revealed a lot of new gameplay and details on Forza Motorsport. The long-awaited new installment in the racing simulation series will feature a new single player called Builders Cup Career Mode.

Here, Forza Motorsport is a bit like a 'CarPG', as mentioned by Creative Director Chris Esaki. What that means is cars will be improved throughout the career mode, rather than being available right away in their final form. Esaki explained there are three overarching themes:

First theme is about getting to know a car, finding its limits, and building that level of car mastery. The second is about taking that car and building it into that track dominator that you've always wanted. And finally, it's about taking that car, competing with it, and winning with it on the track. That is the new Forza Motorsport loop. Level, build, dominate.

What you’re seeing here is our new car mastery system. Each corner is now a moment to moment objective where you get to see how fast you are through them, how close you are to the limit with your car. Each time you go through a given corner, it will compare you against your best time through it and it helps you master your car. This also gives Car XP and you can see that in the top right here. Your car is now gaining XP corner by corner and leveling up in real time. You're getting faster. You're understanding the car's limits and your car is leveling up and growing with you. This is the core of our car progression, and it's now the heartbeat of our game.

As your car levels up, it gains Car Points and unlocks upgrades. That's the resource used to install any of the upgrades that you unlocked. Car Points are like skill or talent points in other games. You can allocate them to install a part but here's the thing: you aren't locked into any of those choices at any time. You can easily uninstall a part and regain those Car Points, so you can use those points elsewhere. It's like being able to endlessly respec a character. This gives the player a great amount of agency and building experimentation.

The Builders Cup Career Mode is split into three main areas: an Open Practice, a new Challenge the Grid system, and a Featured Race. The Open Practice is useful to get to grips with the track and its various conditions (Forza Motorsport features fully dynamic weather and time of day for the first time in the franchise). The Challenge the Grid system lets players choose where they want to start the race on the grid, which will affect their payout at the end of the race.

Esaki also said that new cars and tracks will be released directly into the new Career Mode, for the first time in Forza Motorsport. Speaking of cars and tracks, Turn 10 also shared preliminary lists for cars and tracks available at launch.

Forza Motorsport is available on PC (which will feature ray traced global illumination in addition to the reflections also available on consoles) and Xbox Series S|X starting October 10th, though the Premium Edition will grant five days of early access.

Written by Alessio Palumbo

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