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The Xbox Series X Is Considered by Microsoft Its Mid-Gen Refresh, as the Xbox Series S Is Their Standard Machine


Xbox Series X

Recently, Microsoft confirmed it has no plans to release a mid-gen refresh for its current generation consoles, and apparently, this is due to the company considering the Xbox Series X as its mid-gen refresh, according to a fresh reveal.

Speaking during the latest episode of the Digital Foundry Weekly podcast, it was revealed that, back when Microsoft showed the Xbox Series X console to Digital Foundry, they said that the console is their mid-gen refresh, as they consider the Xbox Series S as their standard machine, and they just decided to release it ahead of time to offer what players might have gotten from a mid-generation refresh right from the start. This is a rather interesting reveal, considering the difference in power between the two consoles and how developers haven't had too many good things to say about the Xbox Series S.

While Microsoft is not planning a mid-gen refresh for the Xbox Series X | S, it seems like Sony is working on an improved PlayStation 5 model, as the Japanese company is planning to release a PlayStation 5 Pro late next year, according to rumors. Not much is currently known about this new system, but more could be coming in the near future, as development kits are apparently shipping soon to developers. Alongside the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony is also said to be working on a new base PlayStation 5 model that will be compatible with a detachable disc drive. As this console will have similar specs to the current PS5 models, this new version of the console is likely meant to streamline production.

Written by Francesco De Meo

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