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Pikmin 4 Shows Off Night Expeditions and More, Pikmin 1 and 2 Remasters Out on Switch Now


Pikmin 4

The latest Nintendo Direct just dropped, and the show was positively packed with Pikmin! We got new info on Pikmin 4 and Nintendo shadow-launched HD remasters of both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 on Switch.

The new Pikmin 4 trailer delved into the game’s various new features, including underground dungeons, where you can find castaways to bring back to your base camp. Said base camp offers much more depth than in past Pikmin games, as you’ll be able to train your dog Oatchi, craft helpful items, and more there. You’ll need the help, as you can now embark on intimidating nighttime expeditions. Enemies are extra aggressive during the night, but you’ll have the new Glow Pikmin on your side. You’ll also have to engage in one-on-one “Dandori Battles” with a mysterious individual (who looks suspiciously like Olimar wearing a mask). You can check out all the new stuff, below.

Looks like Pikmin 4 is a pretty ambitious sequel! Here’s an official description of the new stuff we just saw…

“Welcome to the Rescue Corps. In this game, you are the newest recruit, and you’ll customise your character before setting off to meet the capable Rescue Pup Oatchi and the plant-like creatures called Pikmin. New to the series? Don’t worry – this is a great entry point for anyone that wants to learn more about Pikmin.

Collect treasures around the planet to fix the Rescue Corps’ spaceship’s radar and open new areas to explore, including underground caves, where an environment that’s completely different from the surface awaits. Pikmin 4 also features Dandori Battles – try to collect more objects than your opponent within the time limit to win and save the castaway. Plus, for the first time in the Pikmin series, you can eventually set out for night expeditions. But nightfall sends creatures into a frenzy, so stay alert. Thankfully, you’ll come across the new Glow Pikmin to drive them away.”

And yes, as mentioned, HD versions of Pikmin 1 and 2 are now available on the Nintendo Switch. You can buy the games individually or as a 2-game bundle.

Pikmin 4 scampers onto the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

Written by Nathan Birch

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