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Super Mario Wonder New 2D Platformer Features a Fresh Visual Style, Playable Daisy, More


Super Mario Wonder

Despite it being the franchise that really put Nintendo on the map, it’s been some time since we got a new 2D Super Mario Bros. game. Sure, there were the Super Mario Maker games, but for those not into the DIY thing, the last original Nintendo-constructed console 2D Mario was New Super Mario Bros. U released in 2012. I officially feel old!

Well, over the last few weeks rumors have been percolating that Nintendo was preparing to show a new 2D Mario game, and today during the latest Nintendo Direct, they delivered the goods. The new game is called Super Mario Wonder, and it looks like it will live up to the title, with a ton of wondrously strange, eye-catching new elements. The game features an all-new visual style, featuring smoothly-animated characters that almost look like stickers on a 2.5D background. The gimmick this time around are “Wonder Flowers,” which will cause the world to react in odd ways once you touch them. Enemies may carry away the goal flag, pipes may come to life, and much more. The game also features 4-player co-op, new powerups (including one that turns Mario into an elephant), and yes… playable Daisy. You can check out all the madness for yourself, below.

It's hard to keep up with everything we just saw! Needless to say, this is not another New Super Mario Bros. game, which tended to have a somewhat cookie-cutter approach. This is continuing the ethos of the 3D Mario games and throwing absolutely everything at the wall, and I'm excited about it! Here's the game's official description...

"Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The next evolution of 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. games is headed to Nintendo Switch. When you touch a Wonder Flower in the game, the wonders of the world unlock – pipes could come alive, hordes of enemies may appear, characters might change their looks for example – transforming the gameplay in unpredictable ways. Excitement and different surprises await in each course. Super Mario Bros. Wonder features Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Yoshi as playable characters, in addition to familiar characters like Mario, Luigi and Toad. Plus, Super Mario Bros. Wonder sees the debut of Mario’s newest power-up, which allows him to transform into Elephant Mario. What other wonders could this game contain?"

Super Mario Wonder leaps and bounds onto Nintendo Switch on October 20.

Written by Nathan Birch

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