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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Find All S-Ranked Hunt Board Bosses


Final Fantasy XVI

If you’re looking for some tough skill-testing battles in Final Fantasy XVI, then you should look no further than the Hunt Board located at your Hideaway. Presided over by a friendly Moogle, the Hunt Board points  you toward “Notorious Marks” – challenging boss fights you can take on for some nice rewards. The Hunt Board doesn’t tell you exactly where to find these monsters, it simply provides hints and you have to find them yourself. As you might expect, the toughest S-rank monsters are some of the hardest to find, with the clues being particularly vague. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s where to find the game’s five S-ranked Notorious Marks…


- Check out “The Breaker of Worlds” listing on the Hunt Board.

- Fast travel to the Martha's Rest obelisk in Rosario.

- Head north and east until you come to the village of Cressida.

- Find the semi-hidden clearing at the rear of the village. Your target is there.


- Check out the "Ruin Reawakened" listing on the Hunt Board.

- Fast travel to the Caer Norven Glorieuse Gate obelisk in the Glorieuse area of Sanbreque. This is South of Northreach and the Claireview area.


- Head east and south through Mornebrume pass. Find your target at the end of the trail.


- This one is just listed as Pandemonium on the Hunt Board. No mysterious codename.

- Fast travel to the Shadow Coast obelisk in Waloed.

- Follow path north, then take the branch to the west.


- Check out "The Tricephalic Terror" listing on the Hunt Board.

- Fast travel to either the The Dalimil Inn or The Velkroy Desert obelisks in Dhalmekia.

- Your going to have to find your target in the Velkroy Desert, which is one of the larger open areas in the game. That said, it’s not that big. Search in the south-west part of the area.

Behemoth King

- Check out "The Masterless Marauder" listing on the Hunt Board.

- Fast travel to the Vidargraes obelisk in Waloed, which happens to be the last obelisk you'll encounter in the game.

- Your mark is relatively close by to the south-west in the large open Vidargraes area.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now on PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Final Fantasy XVI guides here.

Written by Nathan Birch

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