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The Outlast Trials – How To Get Release Tokens


Release Tokens are your only chance to leave the Murkoff facility and join the Reborn. You will need ten of them to earn your freedom, but The Outlast Trials doesn’t really explain to you how to obtain these tokens in the game.

If you have just started playing The Outlast Trials, there’s still a long way to get them, but if you have already unlocked Program X, you’re halfway through it. Here’s everything you need to know about Release Tokens and how to obtain them in the game.

How to get Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials

To get Release Tokens, you must first unlock Program X. Therefore, you must complete all three initial programs, Police Station, Fun Park, and Orphanage. Each features two smaller missions called MK-Challenges, and three more extensive trials with several tasks and actions to perform. The fifth and last trial of every program is an exam, which becomes accessible only after you complete all the previous missions of that specific program.

You will get a rating for every successfully finished trial in the game. Once you have a general grade for each of the first three programs, you will unlock and get access to Program X. In this new section, you will find ten missions divided into MK-Challenges and full trials, with the same setting and objectives as the previous programs but new modifiers that bring higher difficulty levels. For every Program X trial you complete, you will get a Release Token. You need ten of them to earn your freedom in The Outlast Trials.

This will take you some time, especially if you play solo. Program X is better with friends or a group because you will have higher chances of finishing trials without failing. This way, you will be able to cooperate with others, select the Rigs accordingly, and perform multiple tasks simultaneously during the mission. You can use the handy function called Group Finder in The Outlast Trials, so you will be matched with players and decide which trial to play together. Ensure you communicate during every quest, as this will ease your tasks.

WARNING: the following section contains spoilers of the game.

What happens when you get 10 Release Tokens

Once you finally complete all Program X trials and get 10 Release Tokens, you can talk to the Murkoff employee next to the leaderboard. You will then be able to start the game’s final mission, which, if completed, will grant you freedom. This trial, however, can’t be played with a group, so you will be all by yourself with no clear instructions on what to do.

After having completed it, the final cutscene will start. You can continue playing The Outlast Trials, and a new Reagent will replace you in the facility. However, your progress won’t be lost. They will inherit your therapy level, and your Rigs will still be there for you. All your cosmetics will also remain available, and you will be able to obtain Program X rewards again. You will also unlock four special outfits to customize your Reagent further.

If you need additional help with The Outlast Trials, you can check the best Rigs to use in the game and how to cure Psychosis.

Written by Agnese Carluccio

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