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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Easily Win the Casino Battle Royale


AEW Fight Forever

The recently-released AEW: Fight Forever features a variety of different wrestling match types, from basic 1-on-1 bouts to the dread Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match, but perhaps the most daunting of all is the Casino Battle Royale. Essentially AEW’s version of WWE’s Royal Rumble, the Casino Battle Royale requires you to be the last one standing after 20 other competitors get thrown out of the ring. In fact, the “Road to Elite” starts with a Casino Battle Royale, that you have to win to unlock certain story branches. Thankfully, winning the CBR isn’t that hard if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips…

Stay on target

With up to 4 wrestlers in the ring at once, it’s easy to get muddled, but it’s much more efficient to focus all your offense on a single opponent so you can get them out of the ring quickly. You can switch who you’re targeting by pushing down the left analog stick.

Don’t try to throw anyone out until you’ve softened them up

This will probably be the main point that confuses people. Throwing other wrestlers out of the ring in the Casino Battle Royale is pretty simple, but it won’t work unless you’ve depleted your opponent’s momentum fairly significantly. Don’t bother trying to throw them out until their momentum bar is reduced by around half and is green or blue-ish green.

How to actually chuck opponents

So how do you actually throw somebody out? As mentioned, it’s pretty simple. Just Irish whip your opponent into the ropes by grappling them and pushing the R2 button (or the Xbox equivalent). If their momentum is low enough, they’ll just flip out of the ring. If their momentum is not quite low enough, they may hang on or simply slump against the ropes. In this case, go over and hit them with a few strikes. This should knock them out of the ring.

Use double-team moves

While it’s every wrestler for themselves in a battle royale, you can still hit double-team moves on opponents by attacking them at the same time as another wrestler. This can be a good way to cut off an opponent that’s gaining too much momentum.

Save your Signatures and Specials for when somebody new hits the ring

Once you’ve gained enough momentum you’ll earn a powerful Signature or Special move, and you’ll be tempted to use it as soon as possible, but that’s not always the best play. Instead, wait until somebody new runs down to the ring, and hit them with a finisher right off the bat, immediately tanking their momentum. If your momentum is high the AI won’t be able to throw you out of the ring, so waiting around for a while your bar is at maximum isn’t going to hurt you.

So there you go, some tips for beating the house in the Casino Battle Royale. AEW: Fight Forever is available as of today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. Check out Wccftech’s full review of the game here and more AEW: Fight Forever guides here.

Written by Nathan Birch

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