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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Unlock Cody Rhodes, Brodie Lee, Owen Hart, and Paul Wight


AEW Fight Forever

The recently-released AEW: Fight Forever is meant to be a throwback to an earlier era of wrestling game, and as such, it includes good, old-fashioned unlockable characters! These include the sadly-departed Brodie Lee, Cody Rhodes, Owen Hart, Paul Wight, and referee Aubrey Edwards. Some of the requirements for unlocking these characters are actually fairly complex, so here’s the lowdown on what you need to do…

Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards

Both Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards are available to purchase in the shop with AEW Cash you earn in-game right from the get-go. Cody costs $10,000 and Aubrey costs $20,000.

Owen Hart

Yes, the legendary Owen Hart is in AEW: Fight Forever, but you’re going to have to work for him a little bit. To unlock Hart you’ll need to compete in 100 1-on-1 exhibition matches. That may sound like a chore, buuut, there’s nothing to stop you from connecting two controllers and playing multiplayer exhibition matches against a non-existent opponent. Once you log those 100 exhibition matches, Owen will be available in the shop for $50,000.

Brodie Lee

Unlocking Brodie Lee requires you to beat him for the TNT title as part of the “Road to Elite” career mode. Road to Elite features a branching storyline consisting of four chapters, each of which has three “blocks” you’ll play depending on the choices you make. Your goal is to get to block 2B, “Join the Dark Order.” So, how do you get there?

  • In the first chapter of Road to Elite, you need to have a mix of wins and losses. That means you either have to a) lose the opening Casino Battle Royale, then win all the matches in your subsequent feud with your mis-matched tag partner or b) win the Casino Battle Royale, but lose the subsequent World Title shot.
  • If you do this, you should find yourself in the 2B “Join the Dark Order” block. Early on, make sure to go sightseeing.
  • You’ll get a cutscene with John Silver where he’ll ask you to join the Dark Order. Say yes.
  • Make sure you or John Silver win the next few matches for the Dark Order.
  • Eventually, Brodie Lee with turn on you. Beat him in a TNT Title match at Full Gear.
  • Brodie Lee will now be available to purchase in the store for $30,000.

Paul Wight

Finally, we have Paul Wight, aka The Giant, aka The Big Show. In order to unlock Wight, you’ll have to get to block 4C, “Who’s Ribbing Me” and beat him in under 3 minutes (no easy task). So how do you find  your way to block 4C?

  • Basically, block 4C is where you end up if you’ve really screwed up. Any big important match? Lose them all and you’ll eventually end up here.
  • Eventually you’ll be challenged to beat Paul Wight in under three minutes. As mentioned, this is a difficult task. If it looks like you’re about to lose or won’t make it in time, quit, because otherwise you’ll have to play all the way to this point again.
  • Beat Wight and you’ll be able to unlock him in the store for $50,000.

There you go, some tips for beating the house in the Casino Battle Royale. AEW: Fight Forever is available as of today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. You can check out Wccftech’s full review of the game here and more AEW: Fight Forever guides here.

Written by Nathan Birch

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