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Amazon smart home from $13: Rare $28 low on no-touch soap dispenser, thermostat, more


Amazon is launching loads of new early Prime Day deals today and next up is its in-house smart home gear. Including some of the best prices of the year on its smart thermostats, we are also tracking offers on its intelligent connected plug, the Echo Glow lamps for kids, and a very rare deal on the non-contact, motion-sensing Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser. The latter of which was a hit during the height of Covid for obvious reasons and is now down at one of its best prices ever with a $27.99 shipped listing. This one carried a regular price of $55 through most of 2022 before settling out at $35 since May of last year. From that point on we haven’t seen a single deal and now’s your chance to score one for even less. It is essentially a smart Alexa-connected soap dispenser with a non-contact setup to maintain hygiene and a 20-second light-up timer to help you and the kids make sure you’re doing the job right. You can control how much soap you get depending how far you hold your hands from the dispenser and it will even connect with your Echo speakers “to create an Alexa Routine and have your Echo automatically play songs, jokes, and more when you wash.” Get a closer look in our launch coverage and head below for more of the early Amazon Prime Day smart home deals. 


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