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Fallout Nuevo Mexico, Unofficial New Vegas Expansion, Receives First Gameplay Trailer


Fallout Nuevo Mexico

Fallout Nuevo Mexico, the upcoming unofficial Fallout New Vegas expansion, has received its first gameplay trailer.

Nuevo Mexico is a DLC-sized fan expansion set in the year 2166 at Tibbet's Prison, and according to the development team, is inspired by the first original Fallout games. Down below you'll find the 18-minute long gameplay trailer that the team released, providing a glimpse at what Fallout fans can expect from this upcoming New Vegas mod. "Welcome to the Land of Enchantment", the mod's description reads. "The year is 2166 - 5 years after the events of "Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role-Playing Game." Every choice made will revolutionize the future for better or worse. Built on the Fallout: New Vegas engine, this free full-on RPG-based Modification brings you a brand-new Fallout experience."

As revealed by the team behind this interesting fan expansion, New Mexico and Mexico are actually two different places. In New Mexico, there will be more Chicano-speaking characters, whereas there will be authentic Mexican accents in México. As explained by the team, "this is to separate each one as their own as opposed to having New Mexico feel just like México."

As you might have noticed, this trailer is called "Part 1", and the team has promised that part 2 of the trailer will arrive before the end of the summer. Before the end of this year, the creators aim to release part 3. So yeah, this fan expansion is still months away from being released, and with Starfield releasing in a few months, we don't really see it arriving this year. As covered recently - another Fallout fan expansion, Fallout London, was actually delayed due to Starfield.

As covered earlier, Fallout Nuevo Mexico will offer more than three unique companions, complete with revamped companion and affinity systems. In the expansion, players will be able to join various, “fully fleshed out” new factions, and players will be able to partake in multiple brand-new activities.

This upcoming fan expansion will only be made available on PC and players will need Fallout: New Vegas in order to play it. We'll update you as soon as we learn more about this interesting fan expansion.

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