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Download: Apple Releases iOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, macOS 14.4, and tvOS 14.4 beta 4 to Developers, Alongside visionOS 1.1 Beta 3

Apple has released beta 4 of its upcoming iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4. macOS 14.4, watchOS 10.4, tvOS 17.4, and a third beta of visionOS 1.1 to developers. The updates are now available to download on all compatible devices. The latest beta updates will bring a slew of bug fixes and performance enhancements to the table. Apple has released iOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, macOS 14.4, and tvOS 14.4 beta 4 to developers iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 beta 4 can be downloaded on compatible iPhone and iPad models through the stock Settings app. All you have to do is head over […]

Court blocks $1 billion copyright ruling that punished ISP for its users’ piracy

"Cox did not profit from its subscribers' acts of infringement," judges rule.

Disney Movie Club Is Closing In Another Blow To Physical Media

Securing physical copies of a number of Disney classics is about to get a lot harder. Disney has announced today that after 23 years of service, it will be shuttering the Disney Movie Club later this year. Disney Movie Club is a subscription service fo...

Netflix’s New Rainbow Six Game Looks Very Different

There’s a new Rainbow Six game out today, but it’s not like any previous entry in Ubisoft’s long-running tactical shooter franchise. Instead, this new entry, Rainbow Six SMOL, is a top-down, cartoony, roguelite mobile shooter exclusive to Netflix subsc...

Google plans “Gemini Business” AI for Workspace users

Google's first swing at this idea, "Duet AI," was an extra $30 per user per month.

iPhone 16 Models to Feature Upgraded Microphones For iOS 18’s AI-Powered Siri With a Higher Signal-to Noise Ratio

The iPhone 16 will be a major upgrade over the current models, considering the number of features it will bring to the table. Apart from some significant design changes, the company is also planning to beef up iOS 18 for the forthcoming devices with generative AI features. It was previously reported that the iPhone 16 will feature an upgraded Neural Engine with A18 chips to bolster on-device AI features. A new report corroborates that the iPhone 16 models will feature upgraded microphones for iOS 18's AI-powered Siri. iPhone 16 models again reported to feature improved microphones for AI-powered Siri features […]

Newly spotted black hole has mass of 17 billion Suns, adding another daily

An accretion disk 7 light-years across powers an exceptionally bright galaxy.

PlayStation 5 Pro Will Be Marketed as a 120 FPS, 4K Machine; Performance Improvements Will Require Little Work

The PlayStation 5 Pro will be marketed as a 120 FPS, 4K machine, thanks to its better specs and AI upscaling, which Sony has been working on for a while, according to rumors circulating online. In a new video shared today by Moore's Law is Dead, NXGamer's Michael revealed that a few unnamed sources confirmed that the upcoming hardware refresh will indeed feature some AI upscaling in the vein of NVIDIA DLSS that has been in the works for some time, which, alongside the improved specs over the base model, will allow Sony to market the system as a 120 […]

Fantastic Tomb Raider Remastered Collection Was Led By Fan Modder

The recently released Tomb Raider I-III Remastered collection is a damn-near perfect reconstructed version of those classic ‘90s action platformers starring the iconic Lara Croft and her two handguns. And if you were curious as to why the remastered To...

Baseus’ 140W 6-port 48,000mAh portable laptop power bank station now $96 off at new $74 low

Update: The official Baseus Amazon storefront has dropped the price down to $79.99 $73.99 shipped, after clipping the on-page $30 off coupon and using the promo code L77LSJCJ at checkout for an additional 20% off. The official Baseus Amazon storefro...

Your Wet iPhone Rice Trick Sucks, Apple Says

Saving a wet iPhone by putting it in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice has been a popular go-to rescue method for years, with the logic being that the rice absorbs the excess water from the phone. However, the God of iPhones has recently warned poor morta...

Electric Bike Co.’s Model J e-bike offers 60-mile range with $268 in free gear for $1,299 low

Electric Bike Co. is offering its Model J e-bike for $1,299 shipped in four colorways (Army Green, Ocean Breeze, Living Coral or Black) or you can fully customize your own. Down from $1,499, this deal is a $200 markdown off the going rate, which is the...

Linkind brings Matter to its 4-pack of Edison smart bulbs down at $51 ($12.50 ea.)

The official Linkind Amazon storefront is now offering its 4-pack of ST58 Matter-enabled Smart Edison Bulbs for $50.99 shipped after clipping the on-page coupon. Regularly between $60 and as much as $75 over the last few months, this is the lowest we c...

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