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Rise of the Ronin to Feature PvE Co-Op Multiplayer, Character Creator, and Difficulty Selection

Despite being less than a month away from release, Rise of the Ronin developer Team NINJA still had to clarify whether a few key features would be included in the upcoming game. They just did so by adding a FAQ section to the game's product page on the PlayStation Store website. To begin with, Rise of the Ronin offers cooperative (PvE) multiplayer for up to four players. There is, however, no PvP combat. This is a change from previous Team Ninja games, such as the Nioh franchise and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, where multiplayer was supported for up to three […]

FF7 Rebirth Demo, Helldivers 2, And More Of The Week’s Essential Tips

We’re just days away from the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and if you’re still (somehow) on the fence about diving into one of 2024's most anticipated games, the PS5 demo is a great way to get a taste of what’s in store. We’ve put together seve...

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Goes Global, Taking the Fight to Apple and Samsung

Just three days after its domestic launch, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is finally available in the global market. With its premium price and top-shelf specifications, it is taking the fight to the likes of Apple and Samsung, and it does have the right to do so, thanks to everything that it brings to the table. Despite costing just as much as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra delivers more in terms of camera and battery To make sure that the phone is worthy of its Ultra moniker, the company is offering the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in just a […]

10 Bloody Good Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

Thanksgiving is killing it on Netflix—it’s currently ranked among the streamer’s top flicks. When one horror film does well, that’s great news for the genre at large, so if you head to the streamer for John Carver’s merry Massachusetts massacre, why no...

LEGO’s Hokusai – Great Wave mosaic set is down to its best Amazon price yet at $85

Amazon is offering one of the first discounts on the LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave set. It normally sells for $100, but now you can drop the brick-built mosaic down to $84.99 shipped. This is $15 off, only the second price cut, and a new all-time l...

QRD Spark N5 Controller Review – An Affordable Solid Choice

While first-party controllers like the PlayStation 4 and DualSense are solid controllers, their well-known drifting issues severely limit their lifespans, especially for those unwilling to open the controllers up to clean them. The solution to these issues is Hall Effect sticks, which use magnets and electrical conductors instead of mechanical parts. While there are a few controllers with this type of stick on the market, many of them are premium controllers with a hefty price tag, which considerably limits their popularity. It's mainly for this reason the QRD Spark N5 controller could be a good choice for those who are […]

How to Fix Galaxy S24 Screen Vividness Issue

The Galaxy S24 series is, without a doubt, one of the best when you are looking for smartphones in the market and has been since its release. However, that does not mean that the phone is not marred with its fair share of issues--the biggest one being the issue with the screen's vividness, as many users have reported that the screen just feels washed out. This actually caused a backlash and caused Samsung to start pushing an update, but it appears that the update has not reached a lot of people. That is why I am going to help you […]

Overclocker Sets OC World Record By Making Intel Core i9-14900K CPU The First To Finish SuperPi Under 3 Minutes

Overclocking is an art and this art is mastered by none other than extreme overclockers who are always pushing the envelope with their testing sprees. Now, legendary overclocker, SAFEDISK, is breaking into new grounds by achieving the world's first and record run of SuperPI which was finished in under 3 minutes using an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU. Intel Core i9-14900K CPU Sets New SuperPI OC World Record, Finishing Under 3 Minutes On The ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 APEX Encore Board SuperPI's 32M is one of the most used benchmarks when claiming world records. It's a super-fast and interesting benchmark that […]

Kotaku’s Essential Guide To Helldivers 2

Available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC, Helldivers 2 from Arrowhead Game Studios feels like a 2000s-era throwback in the best possible way. Whether you’ve been playing since day one or are curious what all the fuss is about, here’s a comprehensi...

*That* Borderlands Movie Trailer, A Nintendo Direct, And More Of What Went Down This Week

As yet another week passes, we get more proof that 2024 is shaping up to be a very busy year in gaming—if not for game releases, then certainly for big stories around game exclusivity, adaptions, and, as always, streamers. This week we got our first lo...

Mortal Kombat 1 Gets Crossplay and Peacemaker Next Week, Free Trial in early March

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Games announced that Mortal Kombat 1 will get a big update next week, adding crossplay functionality and a new DLC guest fighter, Peacemaker. This is a direct adaptation of DC's character seen in The Suicide Squad and the eponymous TV series Peacemaker, featuring the voice and likeness of John Cena. Peacemaker is equipped with gunslinging skills, signature helmet abilities, and his loyal bald eagle sidekick, Eagly. Of course, fans can also expect his trademark humor and peculiar dance moves. Peacemaker will be available from February 28 to Kombat Pack owners, while everyone else must wait […]

Intel Arc GPUs Now Supported In The Intel Extension For PyTorch, Boosting AI, Deep-Learning & LLM Capabilities

Arc A-Series GPUs are now supported within the Intel Extension for PyTorch (IPEX), offering faster AI capabilities in deep learning & LLMs. Intel Extension For PyTorch Now Takes Full Advantage of XMX AI Hardware Onboard The Arc A-Series GPUs Intel's Arc A-Series GPUs based on the Alchemist architecture have loads of on-hardware potential that are getting realized day after day. The software division has done a great job in optimizing the game performance of these GPUs and now the focus is on the emerging AI market where the XMX units featured onboard these chips will get fully utilized. In an […]

Yelp: It’s gotten worse since Google made changes to comply with EU rules

Users are even more likely to stick with Google due to one change, says Yelp.

NVIDIA Reportedly Begins Sampling Two New AI Chips For China, Plans On Regaining Market Confidence

NVIDIA is reportedly preparing to introduce two different AI chips in China as the company attempts to recapture market confidence. NVIDIA Plans On Sticking To Chinese Markets, May Release Two New AI Chips To Attract Clientele Interest Reuters reports that NVIDIA is offering Chinese customers samples of two different AI chips, which are targeted at retaining the firm's dominance in the markets. While we are unaware of the specifics about the sampled chips, NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang has commented on the matter, and here is what he had to say: We're sampling it with customers now. Both of them comply […]

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