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Here Is Why the Cocoa Bean Is the Only Asset That Is Giving NVIDIA a Run for Its Money

NVIDIA is all over the news these days, and rightly so. After all, the stock is up 235 percent in the past year alone, having added the entire market capitalization of Netflix or AMD within the span of just a few hours earlier this week after posting another across-the-board stellar quarterly earnings. Yet, there is another asset that is poised to give NVIDIA a run for its money: the humble cocoa bean. Traders spent $20 BILLION in options on Nvidia over the last week—more than the other six stocks in Mag 7 **combined** pic.twitter.com/JF1VdsOBlG — Gunjan Banerji (@GunjanJS) February 25, […]

All three of LEGO’s Indiana Jones sets are on sale at Amazon starting from $29

Amazon is now discounting all three of the new LEGO Indiana Jones sets. Our favorite and the most display-worthy of the collection is the Temple of the Golden Idol set at $126.99 shipped. This is 15% off the usual $150 price tag and a rare chance to sa...

Save $100 or more on 12.9- and 11-inch M2 iPad Pros before the spring Apple event from $699

Through the end of the day, Best Buy offers the best prices in the last year on the latest Apple M2 iPad Pros. Today’s deals are limited to My Best Buy members, and those who aren’t signed up can score a bonus $25 gift card for doing so. A highlight is...

Rise of the Ronin to Feature PvE Co-Op Multiplayer, Character Creator, and Difficulty Selection

Despite being less than a month away from release, Rise of the Ronin developer Team NINJA still had to clarify whether a few key features would be included in the upcoming game. They just did so by adding a FAQ section to the game's product page on the PlayStation Store website. To begin with, Rise of the Ronin offers cooperative (PvE) multiplayer for up to four players. There is, however, no PvP combat. This is a change from previous Team Ninja games, such as the Nioh franchise and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, where multiplayer was supported for up to three […]

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The Apple Vision Pro, for lack of a better word, is an expensive piece of modern technology, carrying a steep $3,499 price for the 256GB model, but why does it cost a small fortune for the company’s die-hard customers? Well, it might have something to do with how much each headset costs to make, and according to the latest information, the ‘Bill of Materials’ total comes to more than $1,500. The report also states that the majority of that amount comes from the high-resolution, pixel-dense, dual-4K micro-OLED screens that are expected to deliver the best visual experience from an AR […]
The AORUS 17H and AORUS 17X are designed by GIGABYTE to exude a ton of gamer DNA with their uniquely designed chassis and harboring the best-in-class hardware, including a fully-powered NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU with 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Typically, these machines would be out of range for the majority of those wanting an incredibly powerful 17.3-inch notebook at their disposal, but on Amazon, you can get up to a $450 discount on the AORUS 17H and the AORUS 17X. However, we strongly recommend hurrying up because there are limited units available for both models. GIGABYTE’s AORUS 17H offers […]

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