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Disney Movie Club Is Closing In Another Blow To Physical Media

Securing physical copies of a number of Disney classics is about to get a lot harder. Disney has announced today that after 23 years of service, it will be shuttering the Disney Movie Club later this year. Disney Movie Club is a subscription service fo...

Netflix’s New Rainbow Six Game Looks Very Different

There’s a new Rainbow Six game out today, but it’s not like any previous entry in Ubisoft’s long-running tactical shooter franchise. Instead, this new entry, Rainbow Six SMOL, is a top-down, cartoony, roguelite mobile shooter exclusive to Netflix subsc...

Persona 3 Reload Modders Are Fixing The Remake’s Worst Omission

One of the biggest complaints surrounding Persona 3 Reload was that Atlus’ remake of the beloved PS2 RPG didn’t have all the add-ons from previous updated editions of the game. This included the playable epilogue called The Answer from Persona 3 FES, a...

After years of losing, it’s finally feds’ turn to troll ransomware group

Authorities who took down the ransomware group brag about their epic hack.


It is no secret that Google’s Pixel smartphones equipped with the Tensor SoC are not thermally efficient, and even with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the issue does not appear to have been mitigated. However, what happens when a company allegedly knows it is selling high-end devices shipped with an overheating defect? Well, they better have the best legal team at their disposal because a new lawsuit claims that the Pixel 6 Pro was mass produced with this particular defect, despite the company apparently having complete knowledge of it. Plaintiff wants Google to create an advertisement, informing consumers […]
Google announced its new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro handsets in the second half of 2023. The company reimagined the Pixel this year with a boatload of new changes and enhancements for a streamlined user experience. While there are several changes in the mix, the Pixel 8 series still features an optical fingerprint sensor instead of an ultrasonic one, like on the latest Galaxy S24 models. The optical fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 8 is slower and less reliable than the ultrasonic sensor, but there is a workaround to make it faster. This is how you can easily improve […]

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