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Microsoft DirectX DirectSR “Super Resolution” Technology To Debut At GDC, Working With AMD & NVIDIA

Microsoft is planning to unveil its DirectX DirectSR "Super Resolution" tech at GDC 2024 which is being worked on with AMD & NVIDIA. Microsoft, NVIDIA & AMD To Host GDC Presentation On DirectX DirectSR (Super Resolution) Technology, Unified Approach To Upscaling Tech For Windows Gaming PCs This is the first time we have heard the name, and we haven't seen any previous leaks disclosing anything about Microsoft's DirectX DirectSR (Direct Super Resolution), but based on assumptions, it is said that the technology is focused on upscaling content and has a similar naming convention to AMD's FSR. Microsoft hasn't released a […]

Best Buy launches member sale with up to $500 off latest MacBooks, bonus $25 gift cards, more

Best Buy is launching a new members sale through the end of the day with some steep discounts. Shipping is free across the board, and today’s price cuts are available exclusively for either its paid My Best Buy Plus or Total plans. You’ll be able to lo...

Save 15% on official Apple Watch bands: Nike styles, Sport bands, Alpine loops, more from $41

Through the end of the day, Best Buy is now taking 15% off an assortment of official Apple Watch bands. These in-house accessories stylize your Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 with various designs, including models that hardly ever go on s...

FF7 Rebirth’s Pacing, The Starship Troopers Renaissance, And More Of The Week’s Gaming Opinions

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost here, and while we still have to wait a few more days for the game itself, we can now start talking about how its excellent card game, Queen’s Blood, rivals even FF8's beloved Triple Triad, and how turning the origin...

Intel Arc GPUs Now Supported In The Intel Extension For PyTorch, Boosting AI, Deep-Learning & LLM Capabilities

Arc A-Series GPUs are now supported within the Intel Extension for PyTorch (IPEX), offering faster AI capabilities in deep learning & LLMs. Intel Extension For PyTorch Now Takes Full Advantage of XMX AI Hardware Onboard The Arc A-Series GPUs Intel's Arc A-Series GPUs based on the Alchemist architecture have loads of on-hardware potential that are getting realized day after day. The software division has done a great job in optimizing the game performance of these GPUs and now the focus is on the emerging AI market where the XMX units featured onboard these chips will get fully utilized. In an […]

Yelp: It’s gotten worse since Google made changes to comply with EU rules

Users are even more likely to stick with Google due to one change, says Yelp.

NVIDIA Reportedly Begins Sampling Two New AI Chips For China, Plans On Regaining Market Confidence

NVIDIA is reportedly preparing to introduce two different AI chips in China as the company attempts to recapture market confidence. NVIDIA Plans On Sticking To Chinese Markets, May Release Two New AI Chips To Attract Clientele Interest Reuters reports that NVIDIA is offering Chinese customers samples of two different AI chips, which are targeted at retaining the firm's dominance in the markets. While we are unaware of the specifics about the sampled chips, NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang has commented on the matter, and here is what he had to say: We're sampling it with customers now. Both of them comply […]

NVIDIA Says Next-Gen Blackwell GPU Supply To Be Limited As AI Demand Swells To New Heights

NVIDIA is "ironically" expected to run out of Blackwell B100 GPUs supply ahead of its respective launch, as the firm anticipates vast demand. NVIDIA's Next-Gen Blackwell B100 AI GPUs Are Expected To Dominate The Markets, Courtesy of Their Huge Performance Uplifts The next-gen AI accelerators from Team Green have hyped up everyone, whether they are potential clients or even investors since it is anticipated that the Blackwell lineup could take things to a new level when it comes to computing performance and clientele demand. In light of this, NVIDIA's CFO Colette Kress has expressed that we could see a similar […]

OLED iPad Pro Models to Launch With a Major Price Hike Next Month Due to Higher Panel Costs

Apple is expected to launch the iPad Pro with OED displays next month with a slew of new changes and front-facing features. However, with forthcoming additions, Apple is also expected to increase the price of the devices. It was previously rumored that the OLED iPad Pro models could cost as much as the new MacBook Pros. It appears that past rumors were somewhat true, as Apple is aiming for a massive price hike for the OLED iPad Pro models due to the upgraded display technology. Apple's OLED iPad Pro models to see a major price hike, ranging from $1,500 for […]

Gemini’s Image Generation Capabilities Not as Strong as They Used to be Thanks to a Nerf From Google

Gemini, Google's generative AI chatbot, recently went through a debacle where it ended up generating inaccurate and offensive imagery and following the instance, the company has decided to nerf its image generation capabilities until a fix can be found and services can be resumed. Gemini lands itself in hot waters over some troubled image generation of people of certain ethnicities Google talks about how Gemini is a separate product entity, which makes it so that it is not directly linked to Search, its AI models, and other services that it provides. Once the app was ready, Google manually tuned the […]

AMD Expected To Release Next-Gen MI400 AI GPUs By 2025, MI300 Refresh Planned As Well

AMD is expected to launch a refreshed MI300 AI accelerator with HBM3E memory this year followed by the Instinct MI400 in 2025. AMD's Upgraded MI300 Will Feature Newer HBM3e Memory, Competing With NVIDIA's Blackwell B100 In 2024, Next-Gen MI400 Comes In 2025 It seems like AMD is starting to gear up for new AI-focused launches in the upcoming period, as the firm is rumored to introduce a "refresh" model of their original Instinct MI300 AI GPU, upgrading the onboard memory to the latest HBM3e standard. This means that the "revamped" MI300 will mark AMD's transition to the newer standard, as […]

Helldivers 2 Server Cap Raised to 700K But Concurrent Player Limit Soon Expected to be Reached; New Patch Out

A new Helldivers 2 patch has been deployed, and developer Arrowhead has confirmed that the Helldivers 2 server cap has been raised to 700.000 concurrent players. Last week, Arrowhead already increased the server cap to roughly 450K after the popular sci-fi co-op shooter passed the all-time Steam concurrent player numbers of both Destiny 2 and Starfield. There's no stopping Arrowhead's game, however, and Arrowhead's CEO Johan Pilestedt has now taken to X to confirm that the server cap has been increased to 700K through a new patch. Unfortunately, the CEO also mentioned that this new cap will likely soon be […]

Apple Previously Explored Different Dynamic Island Variations, Including One Where A Menu Would Appear From The Display’s Right Side

The Dynamic Island replaced the notch when Apple first introduced it when officially announcing the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The company later standardized the feature for all iPhone 15 models, and it is likely that the iPhone 16 family will share the same design. However, before finalizing this one, the company was previously said to have explored different variations, and some mock-ups provide a visual representation of how different the software experience would have looked had those other options made it into the retail units. One Dynamic Island design included being permanently stretched at the top […]

Google’s Tensor G3, Despite Lagging Behind The Competition, Is The World’s First Smartphone SoC To Support AV1 Encoding At 4K 60FPS

The Tensor G3, like its predecessors, has likely disappointed potential buyers who eyed the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro as their next daily driver, but its sub-par performance and frequent throttling are attributes that Google has yet to address. However, as much as people like to talk about this chipset’s shortcomings, one feature is yet to be supported by any other smartphone SoC; AV1 encoding at 4K 60FPS. While this is an impressive addition to have, there is still one drawback that we have to discuss. While the Tensor G3 has an ace up its sleeve when it comes […]
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