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Apple’s AR Headset With 12-Core ‘X1’ Chipset Performs Faster Than M2 Max In New Benchmark Leak, But Sadly, The Scores Are Fake


Apple AR headset with X1 chipset benchmark

Apple has been reported to use the M2 in its first AR headset, so it was surprising for us to hear about the latest benchmark leak, revealing that the SoC that would be running in the upcoming device is named X1. Instead of an 8-core CPU, the listing shows a 12-core part, with performance numbers higher than the M2 Max. Naturally, these results would have made anyone excited if they were not fake.

Another sketchy finding includes the amount of RAM the AR headset will have, which is 64GB

On Geekbench 6, the AR headset obtains a score of 141585, and assuming that the listing itself did not highlight the warning in ‘red’ stating that ‘This result has been flagged as inaccurate,’ everyone glancing at these numbers would have believed that Apple will preview a breakthrough product in a few days. For comparison purposes, the results that you are seeing right now are higher than what the M2 Max obtained in the same benchmark, which is 131302.

Even if the red warning was not a dead giveaway that the scores were fake, more than sufficient information is available that goes against what we are looking at. Firstly, the 12-core Apple X1 would not be a suitable candidate for the AR headset since it will result in a high power draw and perhaps thermally uncontrollable temperatures. Apple’s head-mounted wearable, which is rumored to be called Reality Pro, will get its juice from an external battery pack that will only last for two hours on a single charge.

We were excited to see these scores, that is, until we double-checked and found out that the results weren’t legit

Using a chipset like the M2 with an 8-core CPU to maximize the headset’s runtime would be a more prudent step. Additionally, a previous leak discussing Apple’s Bill of Materials for the AR headset mentioned that one of the chips running in the device would be the M2, so unless the technology giant was secretly working on an ‘X1’ without any prying ears watching its every move, this leak is definitely fake.

If there are still some of you that are not convinced, let us look at the amount of memory the AR headset was tested with, in this benchmark leak, which is 64GB. The same Bill of Materials leak stated that the mixed-reality headset would ship with 12GB RAM, which is a logical amount as adding more memory chips will adversely affect battery life. While nearly everyone wants to see this kind of hardware in such a product, technological limitations prevent Apple from incorporating such specifications. This was why the company’s team reportedly abandoned work on the AR glasses, so compromises were made.

Written by Omar Sohail

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