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Apple To Issue Health Warnings To AR Headset Users, And There Are Quite A Number Of Them


Apple AR headset health warnings

An earlier specifications rumor talked about the Apple AR headset display resolution, claiming that the device will have two 4K panels with a brightness level of 4,000 nits. Looking at this figure alone, we assumed that the company would provide health warnings to users on consulting a medical professional before straining their eyes. However, one update states that there will be even more health warnings, and those will not have any correlation with the wearer’s eyes.

Those with anxiety disorders, and pregnant women will also be warned against using the AR headset

Apple issues a number of health warnings for various products, including the iPhone, so it was expected that the AR headset would not be left out of the mix. We did not expect that many users may have to exercise caution before donning the Reality Pro because Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated on Twitter that there will be multiple warnings provided.

The health warnings are for users who suffer from anxiety disorders, pregnant women, wearing a pacemaker, or even Meniere’s disease. While these warnings cover a large percentage of Apple’s user base, these individuals can simply get checked by a medical professional before being cleared to try out the AR headset. At this stage, the last thing Apple needs is a PR nightmare, especially if an incident were to occur where the health of a wearer deteriorated as a result of wearing the headset.

To avoid legal repercussions, which can also involve a ban being placed on Apple from selling the AR headset globally, the company wants to be as careful as possible. Even with the technology giant’s best-selling product, the iPhone, it has published a list of health warnings on its support page. This is a prudent approach from Apple, and even if an iPhone can be viewed as harmless, the AR headset still has to be used differently.

Where an iPhone can be played around with while being several inches away from them, the mixed-reality headset requires near-close contact of the wearer’s eyes with the high-resolution displays as the device must be strapped onto their heads. Exposure to those two bright, 4K panels can have serious consequences if viewed for longer periods, which is why we also believe that Apple will issue a health warning regarding prolonged use of the AR headset.

It might be possible that Apple deliberately reduced the external battery’s runtime to two hours to prevent eyesight fatigue, but we have no way to confirm this information now. Hopefully, we will get to know more details during the keynote.

Written by Omar Sohail

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