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Apple Vision Pro Users Will Have To Pay More For The AR Headset, Depending On Their Eyesight Strength And The Size Of Their Head


Apple Vision Pro with the headband

The Apple Vision Pro is an ‘over the top’ product in terms of hardware and functionality, but it also means paying a ludicrous sum of $3,499 for the company’s first AR headset. Unfortunately, with one of Apple’s business strategies is making money off its products’ accessories, there is a chance that users will have to pay more for this, and that will depend entirely on how weak their eyesight and how large their head is.

Wearers of the Apple Vision Pro may have to pay for prescription lenses and purchase a larger headband

We have already known from a previous report that the Apple Vision Pro may not be compatible with every user, especially those with weaker eyesight than others, so they will likely have to spend more on prescription lenses. However, iOS developer and 9to5Mac author Benjamin Mayo recently discovered that the Apple Vision Pro headband had the letter ‘M’ inscribed on the fabric, suggesting that it is for medium-sized heads.

He also notes that during the presentation, there was another variant with an over-the-header strap, meaning that it could be another accessory that Apple ends up charging customers. While the price of the prescription lenses and different-sized headbands were not mentioned in the tweet, it does reveal that if you intend to purchase the Apple Vision Pro, spending $3,499 is not going to be the maximum limit as those aforementioned accessories might get added to the total.

While we are on accessories, we also discovered that the Apple Vision Pro will last for just two hours on battery power. Charging customers extra for separate battery packs might be another one of Apple’s revenue generation plans, irrespective of how taxing this proposition is for the consumer’s wallet. Apple is not known for charging a competitive amount for its accessories, so expect to pay top dollar for those add-ons.

One can rely on external power for an ‘all day’ use with the Apple Vision Pro, but it is unlikely that the majority of users will want to be tethered to a single spot. At the end of the day, Apple invested millions in its first AR headset, so it will do whatever it needs to recoup that sum. However, do you believe the direction Apple may follow is the right step to get its consumer base to adopt the company’s first AR headset? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Omar Sohail

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