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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Is Casting Its Magic On Android And iOS Devices On July 27th


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is Casting Its Magic on Android and iOS Devices on July 27th

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved franchises of all time, and after the success of Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Games has now announced Harry Potter: Magic Awakened for both Android and iOS, along with information on the game, a gameplay trailer, and of course, the release date for the upcoming magical adventure.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened looks excellent with its distinct art style and a lot to explore in the wizarding world of Hogwarts

For those wondering, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened brings a brand new story that is set ten years after the legendary Battle of Hogwarts. The game is a free-to-play collectible card RPG game, and for those interested, the pre-registration for the game is currently going on.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a free-to-play, immersive collectible card (CCG) and massively multiplayer (MMO) wizarding dueling game featuring a blend of strategy role-play (RPG). Players will discover all the milestones of a student at Hogwarts including being sorted into a House, taking classes featuring familiar and new professors, exploring the Forbidden Forest, dancing with a friend at the Dance Club and so much more.

For those interested in exploring the wizarding world, you can check out the gameplay trailer of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened below, showing a lovely art style and, of course, the gameplay of the upcoming game.

Honestly, the trailer shows almost everything that you need to know about the upcoming Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and aside from a somewhat distinct art style, I am glad that this is what the developers are going for. I have never been a huge Harry Potter fan, but for the fans of the franchise, this definitely is something to look forward to, considering how you can actually learn spells, have duels, and actually have a lot of fun in the game, this definitely is something to look forward to.

I am also glad that this is not a rehash of the Hogwarts Legacy, so you are going to get the chance to play something that is entirely new and something that a lot of newcomers and veterans would be interested in. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is flying to your iOS and Android devices on July 27th.

Written by Furqan Shahid

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