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Latest WhatsApp Update Will Help You Avoid Spam Callers with New Privacy Features


Latest WhatsApp Update Will Help You Avoid Spam Callers with New Privacy Features

While it might not be perfect, WhatsApp certainly has come a long way in terms of features. The app has a lot of features that we use, and a lot of them that we don't even know about because they are working in the background. The company has been adding features, and today, the Meta-owned app has gotten access to a bunch of privacy-related features that should make the experience even better.

WhatsApp is finally getting more privacy-oriented features to ensure you have more confident when using the app

WhatsApp is now getting two new features that will make your experience better. The first feature is called Silence Unknown Callers, and the second one is known as the Privacy Checkup. Both features are there to make privacy-oriented users feel a bit at ease.

Let's talk about the new Silence Unknown Callers feature first, as it does exactly what the name suggests. Have you ever received calls from unknown numbers that are most likely spam calls? Well, WhatsApp will now screen these calls and make sure that you don't hear your phone ringing. However, the feature isn't perfect because, more often than not, someone with a different number, a number you have not saved, tries to get in touch with you, and having their calls screened wouldn't be a good thing. Thankfully, these calls will appear in the call list, so always be sure to check that out.

As for the new Privacy Checkup feature on WhatsApp, this is a new menu, and the idea is simple, you will be able to actually look at all the privacy and security tools that are available at your disposal. Meta has talked about how you can actually improve your privacy even further by making use of all the tools that are available. You can actually ask the app to tell you all the areas where your privacy might not be as well-protected, making it an even better experience when it comes to using the app.

Honestly, I do admire WhatsApp for getting all the new features. It certainly makes the app worthy for anyone who is looking for more privacy-oriented features. The features are rolling out as we speak and will reach more users in teh coming weeks. So, be sure to be on the lookout.

Written by Furqan Shahid

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