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The Much Requested Feature to Allow Instagram Reels Download is Finally Here as Platform Looks to Become More Intuitive


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I would be lying if I said that I do not spend my free time looking through Instagram Reels, and although my feed is predominantly filled with watch and tattoo-related content, it is an excellent time to relieve stress and entertain yourself while you wait for the sandman to finally put you to sleep. However, the one feature that was missing from Reels was the ability to download them so you can watch them later and show them to someone else who does not use the platform.

Users in the U.S. can finally go ahead and download Instagram Reels, but the Reels will be watermarked and will have the original user's name on it them

Well, this is now changing because Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has revealed that users can now go ahead and download Reels and save it on their device, and although this feature has been long-requested, there is a caveat wherein you can only use this feature in the U.S., at least at the time of writing.

Another thing that you must know is that currently, the feature is only available on Instagram for mobile devices, so if you do like to watch Reels on your PC (I don't understand why), you are going to have to wait before this feature comes to the PC or web version, as well.

Instagram has made sure that the whole process of downloading Reels is simple enough. All you have to do is tap the share icon and select download from there. The Reel will then be saved onto your phone's camera roll, and you can access it whenever you want. To make sure content is not stolen, however, the Reels will have a watermark on them and, more importantly, the username of the person who created the sad Reel. Something we have already seen TikTok doing, but it definitely is the right way to handle such content that can easily be spread by other users.

As mentioned before, the feature is only available in the U.S., and while we don't know if this will be expanding to other regions, it certainly is a good feature that should have been made available a long time ago. For anyone who has been looking for a way to download Reels, you will no longer have to rely on unofficial means as you can just make use of this feature with ease.

Written by Furqan Shahid

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