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Twitter Rival Threads Is Available On iOS And Android, Crosses A Whopping 10 million Downloads In Just 7 Hours


Insatgram launches Threads download on iOS and Android

Meta's new Threads app is finally available on iOS and Android, and the platform has received plenty of traction at launch. It has not even been 12 hours since the release, and the app has successfully crossed the 10 million download mark. Threads is Meta's answer to Twitter and the changes it is placing forth lately. It behaves a lot like Twitter as well when it comes to replies, sharing media, and much more. If you already have an Instagram account, the entire process of jumping to Threads will be a lot simpler.

Meta launches Threads app to take on Twitter, and it has gained a lot of attention in a matter of hours

As mentioned earlier, Meta's Threads is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter, and it will take time for users to get accustomed to the new ways. However, it is not yet known how the market will respond to it, but initial views have been positive so far. The platform is not only available on iOS and Android, but you can use it on your desktop as well.

In terms of specifics, the Threads app supports text-based posts that can go up to 500 characters. You also have the availability to share photos, gifs, as well as short 5-minute videos. The media aspect of the app is different than Instagram but very similar to Twitter. You can not access additional video content in the form of Reels, so you will have to stick to Instagram for that.

It features a minimalistic interface with a main feed page that contains recommendations as well as threads from people you have followed. Currently, the Threads app does not give you the option to choose between the two, but it could be added later on. The clean interface allows you to focus on the text and the content with little to no distractions.

Insatgram launches Threads download on iOS and Android

The app also brings various privacy and security controls from the Instagram app such as blocking words and limiting people to reply to your thread. You can make your account private or public as well. If you are on Instagram, you can easily sign up for Threads and follow the same people.

As mentioned earlier, Threads is Meta's answer to Twitter and the number of issues it is running into these days. The app has crossed more than 10 million downloads in just 7 hours of launch. This shows people are looking for a dedicated platform to replace Twitter in its own game. However, the market feedback remains to be seen. We are gradually seeing celebrities and brands joining the platform, and the outcome could be a thread threat to Twitter.

If you are up for it, Meta's Threads app can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. You can also use the app on your desktop so you always stay in touch with the latest news. We will share more details on Threads and how to use it in the future, so be sure to stick around.

Written by Ali Salman

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