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Apple Vision Pro’s Display Is Currently The Only Component Holding Back The Headset From Being Produced In Greater Volume


The Apple Vision Pro display

The lack of suppliers for the Apple Vision Pro display is one reason why the device cannot be produced in larger quantities, and it will require bringing more suppliers to be brought into the fold to popularize the AR headset. Previously, we reported that Sony was only the manufacturer of the Vision Pro’s display, and its annual capacity for the two 4K microLED panels could not even touch a million units.

Head of Sony’s semiconductor arm was also reluctant to increase display production, likely due to a lack of profitability and growth

The only way for future Apple Vision Pro models to increase its foothold in the market is for the California-based giant to get as many suppliers on board to increase production. In this manner, not only will the company be able to increase supply, but also reduce the price of the components. At this time, the two 4K microLED panels remain the most expensive part of the Apple Vision Pro, costing $700 in total, making up 20 percent of the headset’s $3,499 retail price.

While Apple has attempted to get more partners on board, it might only be able to rely on Sony for many years down the road. According to Patently Apple, there have been production delays from both LG and Samsung, but there is still some sliver of positivity in the form of a Chinese manufacturer called SeeYA. The firm has reportedly sent Apple several prototypes of its microLED panels, with Apple having engaged with the company.

However, we do not know if both parties will agree to work with one another, so we will have to update our readers later regarding this development. Apple has also apparently ordered production cuts of the Vision Pro, bringing that number down to 400,000 units per year, and with its steep $3,499 asking price, the AR headset was not going to be the financial success for a first-generation product either. Customers will not be able to order it outright either, as the device will only be available through an appointment system.

It will likely take the launch of more affordable Apple Vision Pro models to accelerate this particular market, and as it so happens, the company is behind that plan all the way. In fact, the successor was planned before the first headset was even announced during WWDC 2023, indicating that Apple is fully invested in this category. Unfortunately, with Sony, Apple’s only display supplier, reluctant to increase production due to a lack of growth or a visible opportunity to increase profits, the Apple Vision Pro may remain available in limited quantities for a few years.

Written by Omar Sohail

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